Currently, I’m in my third year of studying design at the York/Sheridan Program in Design 👨‍🏫. As a designer, I’m enthusiastic about building brands and designing impactful experiences. I like to start every project with thorough research and analysis 🧮 to help make informed future design decisions. From there, I use branding, UX principles, front-end development, or graphic design to translate information into emotion.

In my free time, I enjoy walking my puggle, Buddy 🐶, in the park, making new vegetarian recipes, listening to podcasts 📱 like Good Job, Brain!, The Flop House, and FiveThirtyEight Politics, or watching stand-up 🎤 like Gina Yashere, Beth Stelling, or Bill Burr.

I’m also passionate about ongoing learning by maintaining good habits over time, with the help of the getting things done app, Things. Currently, I’m improving on my German 🇩🇪 with Duolingo and learning SVG, 3D, and React on Lynda.com.

Feel like working together to make something great? Let’s grab a coffee ☕️ some time! If you need to get in touch or learn more about what I do, find me on:

My partner and me in the clouds.